The Schmitt & Edwards Family Camping Trip

to Lackawanna State Park

This year for Memorial Day weekend we all went to the State Park.  This was my 1st camping trip.  I had a lot of fun.  My cousins Nick & Kimmy where there, too.  Nema & Grand pop stayed in the camper.  Aunt Nat, Uncle Mark, Nick, & Kimmy stayed in their pop-up camper.  Mommy, Daddy, and I stayed in the truck.  We all were snug as a bug in a rug.  Everyone was amazed that Nick, Kimmy , & I all slept through the night with no problems.  That was because we were worn out from playing. We saw the Park Ranger A LOT he kept coming to our site for one reason or another. It rained on & off the whole weekend, but we still had lots of fun.  I hope you enjoy my camping pictures!!! I know I enjoyed the trip.

Here we are the first day we got there...Saturday (we came later b/c Mommy had to work Friday night & Saturday morning)...Playing in a log cabin the park just built.  It was our personal playhouse while it rained.

Nick & I climbed up onto the bunk beds.  It was really high and a lot of fun.


Nick & I played in the screen door...Then later that night I danced on the table while Nick danced on the seats.

A Video

On Sunday Nick & I had ice-cream...YUM!!!  It was really cold!

Nick had chocolate ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles...that was a lot of chocolate but it looked good.

After ice-cream the guys went on a boat ride.  I was too little.  I got to play at the playground.  I saw a lot of big kids!!!  When they were done with the boat ride we went back to the campsite.

Daddy made hamburgers & hotdogs for dinner.  He is a good cook.

Everyone else was getting the other things ready for dinner & then waited for the meat to be done.  Look at our fire!

Nick & Uncle Mark were the 1st to eat.  They had hotdogs.  There was a lot of food.  I ate too but I really couldn't wait for...


The cake!!!  It was really good.                                                        Kimmy relaxed while everyone ate.

I fell quite a bit.  I think Nema said over 100 times!  After dinner we went to the park again!

Nick & I raced down the slides...I won! Then he won!


Then Kimmy & I went down at the same time.  Of course Daddy wanted to go down the twisty slide.  That was fun, too.

Kimmy watched us on the bridge...I wonder what she thought.

Daddy, Nick, & I all jumped up & down.  Like monkeys.

We tried doing chin ups on the monkey bars.

Kimmy could do it with one hand!!!


I used two hands.  It was safer.

Kimmy was trying to get the cake off my coat from dinner, since she didn't have any.

The grandmas sat and chatted while we all played.  They enjoyed watching us.

A Video

When it was time to go back to camp I helped Uncle Mark push Nick.  Nick was VERY tired.  I still had lots of energy. 

While we were all at the park Grand pop relaxed by the fire and kept it going for smores.

On Monday Daddy, Uncle Mark, Grand pop, Nick, & I went to the dam.

When we got back Grand pop pulled me in the wagon.  I loved being in the wagon.

Here we are at the end of the camping trip.  We had a great time & can't wait to go camping in Virginia in a couple of weeks.