Colette's Victorian Cottage Bunk Bed

I've always admired the craftsmanship that went into making the fabulous homes of the Victorian era. For Colette's bed, I wanted to make something that was challenging, elegant, and exhibited characteristics of that time period. I spent considerable time studying my dad's collection of Victorian house books and incorporated several ideas that I found. If you study the photographs closely, you will come to appreciate the amount of detail on this bed. Colette's bed is not only a bunk bed, but includes a dresser and several hidden drawers. Most of the moldings and parts were all made from scratch with the exception of some crown molding I had laying around. I spent many evenings down in my basement cutting out those scallop shingles on the band saw. Colette's bedroom is quite small and the bed occupies most of the room which makes it difficult to photograph the entire bed.


Colette's Victorian Cottage Bunk Bed - Constructed in 2008




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