Our 1st Family Trip to Virginia!!!     

We left for our family vacation Sunday morning right after church. We spent a week in Virginia checking out the sites.  Hunter did really well with camping. We had a great time and can't wait until our next family trip!

Here we are with the pop-up camper in our driveway...ready to go.


We had to stop to change Hunter and this is where we stopped.  At a Harley dealership. 

They were closed, Hunter wanted to go in...so, he knocked on the door!

Here is Hunter helping put the pop-up up at our 1st campsite.  He was a good helper.

Here is Tony driving...look at the views!

We went to the Shenandoah Caverns.  Hunter & Tony played while we waited for our tour.

Hunter was flirting with a worker in this picture!


While we waited there was a small walk through portion of the place with animated scenes all over.  When you walked into an area they all started moving around.  Hunter enjoyed watching them. 

The bear in the one picture were in the Rose Bowl parade and moved around. 


Here we are, in the caverns.  It was really interesting.  Hunter enjoyed looking at everything.


In the picture with Tony there is bacon on the wall and in the other I'm touching the egg. 

Who would have ever guessed, food in a cavern?


We had a great time in the caverns!

Hunter feed the goats after lunch.  He really enjoyed it. 

Next we went to America on Parade.  Here is Hunter at the entrance sitting on the throne.

This was Hunter's favorite float- Harley & a car

This was Christine's favorite one- Dragon


This was Tony's favorite one- Old Woman in a skate!

Hunter took the Presidential quiz.  Here he is answering the Question: Who was the 1st President to be sworn in by a woman...The answer: Lyndon Johnson.

He got the answer correct!!! He is so smart!

Tony is showing Hunter how to take off your hat when you're by a flag.  This flag was huge!

Tony wanted his picture with a Cootie!  It was being worked on.

This is our 1st tent site.  Nice spot...too many flies!

Then we went to the Luray Zoo.  Hunter enjoyed it.  Christine liked the show the best but we had to leave early.  Nap time!

Hunter was feeding the goats there, too.

This was the waterfall at our 2nd site. 

Hunter played by the water with Tony.

They found a turtle in the grass while they were there.


Here is Hunter seeing how big he was when we went to Natural Bridge.  Almost 3 ft.


Here is the Natural Bridge.  It was incredible!


At the end was a waterfall. Hunter played there for awhile.  Then Tony & Hunter started walking back along the peaceful trail. 

Next we went to the Wax Museum.  There was a lot to see and they all seems really alive.

At our site there was a toddler playground.  Hunter loved playing there.  Here he is on another little boy's bike.

There was also a toddler pool.  We went everyday and played with the ball in it.

Hunter learned to crawl out of it. 

He also loved to splash!!!

We went to the falls one last time and found a tube there.  Hunter really wanted to go tubing down the river. 

Hunter wearing Tony's sunglasses.  Isn't he cute!

The site also had bunnies ALL over the place.  Here were two that let us feed them from our hands.

They really liked the Cheerios. Hunter loved feeding them! Maybe we'll see them again next year.