Hunter's 1st Birthday Party

On March 15th Hunter turned one, on the 19th we had his birthday party.

His Great Grandma Davis made his birthday cake. 

The theme of the party was ducks.

 For his birthday this year we are started a tradition.  Everyone brought either a book, a movie, or a music CD for him.  Inside the books we asked everyone to write a little message and say who it was from.  Hunter got many wonderful books.  He really enjoys reading them with his daddy. 

MARCH 15th

Here's Hunter getting ready to open some presents on his birthday.

Here he is eating his pancake breakfast.  He really likes pancakes.

Here he is at his Great Grandparents house eating a big cookie!!

Here is the cake Mommy made for him.

Singing "Happy Birthday to you"

Eating the cake...He sure likes it.

Here he is getting upset because he wants to open his presents and we are taking pictures.

MARCH 19th- the party

Hunter's 2nd Cousins  Elyse & Joshua are playing on his motorcycle

Hunter playing with his friends, Rebecca & Hailey.  Great Grandma Davis (Grammy) is holding on to Joshua.

Hunter & Joshua had balloons attached to their pants so we could find them in the crowd of people.

Waiting patiently while Mommy puts the candle on the cake, Great Grandma Davis made.

Enjoying the cake!!!

Here is his second cake, the one everyone else ate.

Hailey wants some cake from Liz.

Enjoying the cake and chatting.

Alan, Hunter's 1st cousin, getting ready to eat pasta.  Look at all that food!

This is what Hunter's cake looked like when he was done with it.  Looks like he ate the icing.

Becky getting ready to eat, Alan eating and Helen trying to figure out what she wants to eat.

Elyse likes the cake!

Doug discussing business??? Or secretly snacking?

Great Grandpa Davis (Pappy)  Relaxing in the office.

Kids playing on the table.

Nick says the cake is he licks the icing off his mouth.

Playing with Mega blocks from his friend Payton.

I've got the car, want to play with me?

Nick & Elyse play with the Mega Blocks.

Hailey is up to something, Payton is on the bike, and Liz is reading to Alexandra.

Hailey points to the TV. while Matt moves the camera away from her.

Alexandra on Hunter's bike.

Rebecca playing on the deck.  I think she is in jail.

Payton playing with the truck, watch out here comes your sister.

Hunter gets around on the deck, too.

The kids put together balloon faces, they loved it.  Here is the one Tony made for Hunter.

Here is one door with pictures of Hunter from when he was smaller.

Here is the other door.


Hunter was exhausted after his party.  So were Mommy & Daddy.  ZZZ...zzz...