Hunter, Colette, & Phoebe's Christmas Present 2010

"Lords & Ladies Shoppe"

Custom built by their Daddy & designed by Mommy

Tony & Christine designed and built little store for the kids this year as their Christmas present. They can play dress-up, ice cream shop, video game store, and clothes store. It features a store window with cash register, ice cream shop window, dressing room, shelves for store merchandise and dress-up items, and a hanging clothes rack.

Christmas morning 2010


Merchandise display window

Dressing Room

Clothes rack for dress-up clothes

Shelves for accessories

Ice Cream Shop window

Construction photos

The original plans and sketches.


Tony was secretly building the little shop in his basement the month before Christmas. About two weeks before Christmas, the kids discovered it. Pop-Pop fabricated the story that Daddy  was building it for one of his customer's daughters named Lindsay. The kids believed the story right up until Christmas morning. The kids wanted Daddy to build one for them.


77" wide x 64" deep x 77" tall

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