Daddy bought me my very first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We put it together.

 I helped out a lot.  I was so excited to put it together with him. 


Here we are with the box

I'm making sure we have the right tools.  They are very important!

Here I am testing out the screw driver... works good.

Daddy & I are taking out the battery.  It needs to charge.

I'm taking apart the back.  Mommy has to put the decals on it.

Things look good here.

Daddy is reading the instructions.  I'm testing the hammer out.

I'm holding the one side of the wheel for Daddy.  He is putting a screw in to hold the wheel on.

There is a problem... treads are going the wrong direction...have to pull it apart and redo it.

I'm checking it out.  Looks good now.  Let's move on!

Now we are putting the handle bars on.  This is tricky with all the wires.

I'm checking to make sure the button is in the right place.  Looking good.

I'm showing Daddy the button.  He agrees it is in the right spot.

Daddy is putting the saddle bags on the bike.  Looks like we are getting close to being done.

I'm putting the rubber part on the handle bars.  So, no one will be hurt.

The bike got stuck on the couch when I tried to move it.  HELP!!!

Daddy is getting it ready for when we put the battery in...later.

I'm testing out the buttons.  Sounds good to me.  I'll just keep making sure they work.

Testing out the wheels.

Flip it over and put the seat on Daddy, I want to try it out.

Now this is how you get on.

I like this.  It feels good and fits me perfectly!!!

Here I am testing it out. 

Here I am wearing my do-rag.  Don't I look cool!!!

Well I'm off for a ride. 

Born to be wild...Live & Ride free!