Today I got to work in daddy's workshop.  It was a lot of fun! I got to use lots of tools. Grandpa was interviewing me to make sure I was qualified for the job of assistant to daddy.

I got the job!!! Mainly because I had on Harley clothes.

It is great to work in the shop with daddy & grandpa.  They let me do whatever I want.

Daddy showed me how to scrape off the old glue.  It doesn't look too hard.

Of course my way was more fun!!!

I know how to fix this.  It won't be too hard.

This is nice and smooth now.

Daddy is telling me how to take the top off of this.  He said you have to stand on a step stool to get a good view of what you are doing and make sure the battery is charged up.

I have to make sure all the tools work properly.

So, I'm going to measure myself first because I know how big I am.  If the measuring tape says what I know, then it works.

I'm asking daddy if this is a good bat.  He thinks that is funny. He tells me it is a homemade carving hammer.

I wonder what else I can get into while they aren't looking. 

Well, he is singing.  I don't think he will notice what I am doing.

I have to make sure that my foot is square.  I'm not sure how this really works but it looks like my foot is square.  What do you think?

Hey!!! This is pretty good!

Oh, man!!!  Daddy caught me.

I don't want to give it up. I like this tool!

It's not fair! Just because I taste it they take it away!  I want my mommy!!!