Quarter-Sawn Oak Chase Bros. Baby Grand Piano







 Chase Bros. Piano Co.

Short Auto-Biography of  Eugene W.B. Crawford - man who restored the piano.

..Born 1936, played in several bands growing up and had an interest in rebuilding amplifiers and repairs.. (Still do a little of that)...Quit the bands in 1971, started piano tuning and repairs in Cleveland Ohio, then married and settled down in the hills of N.E. PA. in 1977.
...Restored many turn-of-the-century grands with an appetite for old relics.. Still love the old pianos and what they offer above the new pianos
... There is something very unique about each old piano as they have an individual sound of their own with character to match, especially the old art case types!
 Aside from that it is a love for the preservation of our history in music and all that is there.. What we only think is better or new is just a false sense of fooling ourselves.. I know way to many professional musicians that want old Steinways and Mason Hamlins from the 20's era above all else !
...Thinking to ourselves that we can make anything better is just not true in many cases.. However it is true that the traditional styles of Grands around the turn-of-the-century became the most sought after ..
 Sadly not enough are interested in the field of antique pianos, but they will always be some of the greatest instruments to hear !
 My last restoration and challenge is the late Fred Waring Steinertone / Mason Hamlin concert grand here in my shop beckoning for me to finish.. She's like a beautiful old ship waiting to sail again, very deserving of the term GRAND.
...Virginia Waring signed a release form from the estate, she died last year in California..
My hands are still eager to the task, but slowing down some. Everything is here for this piano, God willing it will be finished the way I want..

-Eugene B. Crawford



5'7" in length

Baby Grand

Ivory Keys

Fully Restored

All quarter sawn oak

circa 1897

We are selling this piano for a customer of ours, a high-end oak furniture collector in Michigan.


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