The Schmitt Boys Trip to Grizzly Industrial  12-27-08


Tony told Doug it was time they bought a new band saw for our woodworking shop. The Sears Craftsman band saw wasn't cutting it anymore. Doug told Tony he would have to wait until next year. Tony replied that his dad had told him the same thing last year and the year before that when he asked for a new saw. Tony said he was going on strike if he had to wait another year for a new saw. Consequently, a trip to Grizzly Industrial in Muncy, PA (Tony's favorite store) was scheduled for the following Saturday. Hunter wanted to come along too, so he joined them on the trip. The boys had a nice trip. Doug let Tony pick out the exact saw he wanted and anything else he thought they needed from the store. They stopped for a short hike at Rickett's Glen State Park on the way home and had dinner at a good Italian restaurant.


Sign hanging above the entrance to the world's largest woodworking tool & machinery store.

Hunter's favorite spot in the store. THE KNIGHTS!

On the way home, we stopped for a quick hike at the lower end of Rickett's Glen State Park

Tony stands excitedly by his new 17" Grizzly "Extreme Series" Band Saw.


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