Ransom & Randolph Co. Oak Dental Cabinet – Cabinet#66


Ransom & Randolph Co. Oak Dental Cabinet –
Model #66

Removable Travel Case that dentist would use
for making house-calls.

The case is secured in the cabinet with the
three strips of wood shown in photo.

Original Brass Name Plate – “The Ransom &
Randolph Co, Toledo, USA”
31″ wide x 22″ deep x 72″ tall
This cabinet is considered the
best cabinet ever made by the Ransom & Randolph Co. There were only 400 made.
Has serpentine bi-folding hinged doors
with original serpentine beveled and etched glass.
Has removable patented traveling dentist case.
Interior parts are a mixture of mahogany and
Paneled back
Complete locking mechanism that locks all
drawers, beveled glass doors, & lower wood paneled doors.
Original brass & mother of pearl hardware
General Information:
After restoring and
studying several Ransom & Randolph Dental Cabinet #66 cabinets we have
determined that the cabinet was originally available with the option of either
delicate reeded feet or turned bun feet. The original catalog listing shows the
delicate reeded feet. The delicate reeded foot was the same foot that was
standard on the model #65, the predecessor to the model #66. However, the
delicate reeded foot, although very attractive was not strong enough to
withstand the test of time and we believe it was eventually phased out on the
later #66 cabinets. If your cabinet is missing the feet you may be able to
determine what kind of feet it originally had. If upon looking at the underside
of the cabinet, you see dowel holes where the feet were, that would indicate it
had the delicate reeded feet. If you see just old screw holes, that would
indicate it originally had turned bun feet. However, we have seen one instance
where the cabinet had both the dowel hole and the screw holes, but did have the
original bun feet attached with screws and the dowel hole was not used.
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