• Dear Doug,
     Just a note to thank you for the Dental cabinet. This will be the 15th piece we have purchased from you, not including the 6 beautiful upholstered dining chairs. Over the years we have enjoyed taking your advice and buying piece after piece one better than the next. All our pieces have held up fine. Your workmanship is fabulous. I can walk by a pieces of furniture and run my fingers over it and know it is one of yours. No one finishes like you and your son. Thank you for all the Joy you have given Cindy and me. Do not hesitate to call if anyone would like a live reference.  -Jay Fischer
  • Doug Schmitt Antiques has been one of the most terrific finds of my collecting life! From them, over the past 10 years, I’ve purchased the most exquisite large, black walnut, dining room table in original condition, a restored oak Chippendale desk and matching side chair. After two years of looking, the latter was located by Doug and his son while on a road trip to Canada as a rare find companion to my desk. “They thought of me!” Doug restored an old roll top desk we found on 2nd Ave. 30 years ago with a finish to die-for! A four-drawer refinished oak file cabinet,  by Doug Schmitt Antiques, I also bought. Honest, dependable and very professional. Doug and his son will deliver and place furniture for their customers. In a word, they are GREAT! I highly recommend them to my friends!-Valerie, Milford, PA
  • Dear Doug & Tony,Many thanks for the wonderful antique pieces you have sold to me over the years. I first met you in Atlantic city antique show many years ago. I have enjoyed our friendship during the many times we have done business with each other. Your pieces are refinished so professionally. I have not seen such work anywhere else. Each piece of furniture I have bought has complimented the decor of my home & office. Many people have commented on the workmanship that went into obtaining such a pristine finish.Looking forward to future business with you, but first I have to buy a bigger house.-John Curley,  Great Neck NY
  • Collecting antiques is more than just a hobby — it is preserving the past for the next generation.  Doug and Tony take these pieces of history and carefully and thoroughly restore their beauty so that not only are they treasures to look at, but they are also completely functional.  My husband and I enjoy the conversations sparked by the unique furniture we have purchased from Doug Schmitt Antiques and we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.  –M. Phillips, Miami FL

  • “Having purchased many pieces from Doug and Tony during the past several  years, we can honestly say that their workmanship is absolutely unsurpassed. Their honesty and work ethics make a pleasure to do business with them and we have never been disappointed with any of our  purchases.”
     -Signed Mike and Karen in Michigan

  •  A quality craftsman with a unique inventory.
     An honest dealer with good taste.
    – Phyllis & Marcello,  Newton  MA

  • I’ll make this short and sweet. Doug and Tony are the greatest. If they say it you can go to the bank on it. Their work is unmatched. The problem is once you buy one item from Doug Schmitt you just can’t stop. If you don’t believe me just drop by the Schmitt Museum (my home) in Miami.All kidding aside you won’t go wrong doing business with Doug. Dick Phillips, Palmetto Bay, Florida

  • My wife and I have been interested in antiques since the late 70’s and have been going to shows and auctions regularly since then. Over the years we have bought quite a few nice antiques, and also sold some, to upgrade or make room for pieces we could not resist.    We have met many interesting people and made many friends in the antique world over the years. We enjoy visiting their shops, booths, tents, etc., even if we did not find that special thing all the time.We lived in Rome, New York for 32+ years and it was at the annual Madison-Bouckville Show in August that we first met Doug Schmitt and Tony many years ago.His tent got our attention because he always had something special and the finish and quality of his antiques were a step above most dealers.    We have bought several pieces from Doug and Tony over the years, the Crown Jewel being a Ransom and Randolph deluxe dental cabinet. My wife saw one at Bouckville one year and fell in love with it, but by the time we decided to go for it, it was sold. Doug assured us he would find us another one, and true to his word he did, 3 years later. It was worth the wait, however, it is truly a one-of-a-kind quality cabinet and most importantly Elaine, my wife, was happy and loves it.    These days there are a lot of things to watch for when buying antiques. In dealing with Doug and Tony Schmitt you are assured, not only buying the best workmanship around, but also doing business with genuine and honest people. We would recommend a visit to their place in Lake Ariel, PA., it is quite an operation!We now live in Houston, Texas and we visit Doug and Tony’s Web-site regularly. We are planning a trip to New York later this summer and hope to make it during the Bouckville show. We hope to see Doug and Tony there and who knows- we may need to rent a truck to go back to Texas!!  Best Regards, Signed  Elaine and Paal  in League City (Houston), Texas

  •  Doug Schmitt sets the bar higher than all other antique furniture restorers. The quality and care he takes in his furniture restoration is a lost art. The respect he shows for his oak furniture and it’s originality is very apparent in his work.The guy is a stand up, honorable person with a rare value these days called ‘integrity.’What a gentleman! Combined with his passion for our rich heritage in furniture and antiques it is no wonder his customers consider him a vanishing breed of craftsmen.Doug does things the old fashioned way…correctly. Ralph White, Spring, Texas

  • Our home is filled with over 50 pieces of antique furniture – mostly golden oak – all are original or well restored / finished but the “best” are those 16 pieces we were fortunate enough to get from you. Not only is the restoration / finish the best it could be but the pieces you find are so unique as to often be “the only one we’ve seen” ( and we do a lot of “looking around” ! ) What a pleasure to find someone who values their “product” as you and now, I’m sure, Tony also do. Sincerely, JoAnn Dryden,   central Florida

  • Over the last three or four years, my  wife and I have purchased a beautiful three drawer princess dresser , a bonnet lingerie chest, and an oak serpentine chest with fancy mirror. All have been purchased from the website without ever seeing them until we picked them up. We had seen their oak before at Bouckville, so we knew what to expect . Doug & Tony ‘s finish has a certain “look”. Once you see their’s, you’ll never want anyone else’s. We look forward to buying more pieces in the future .  Larry & Linda Wurme,  Rochester, NY  
  • “We have been buying furniture from Doug Schmitt Antiques for over 25 years.  There isn’t a single piece we bought that we still don’t love.  Doug and Tony’s work is impeccable, resulting in pieces of excellent quality with a finish beyond compare.  We have looked at items for sale by other antique dealers over the years and have not found any to match Doug and Tony’s work.  Beyond the quality of the workmanship, Doug and Tony are a pleasure to know and do business with.” –Phil and Karen Yucht, Teaneck, NJ

  • Hi Doug ,
    We received the desk on Saturday, right at the scheduled time. The desk is SO GORGEOUS — every bit as gorgeous as the pictures looked.  I am so pleased with it, and it was well worth the wait.  
    Thank you so much for all your help, and for offering such a nice item.  It is truly lovely, and I know my daughter and her husband will treasure it for years.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.    Sharon Sollars, St. Joseph, Missouri

  • Hello Doug, They delivered the Dental Cabinet early this morning & placed it exactly where I wanted. I’ve been sitting in the room with it, ever since then, admiring the beauty of the carpentry & the great refinishing job by you & Tony. It probably looks just as good now as it was when first sold 100 years ago. Everything on this cabinet is in complete working order, just like having the two keys to the Sheet Music Cabinet you sold me. And they are both finished to perfection, & that adds a lot to the enjoyment of it. Thanks again for this wonderful piece of furniture. Regards, Don Wuir, Dix Hills, NY 

  • Doug, the china cabinet arrived Wed. morning. We unpacked it this morning and moved it into our home from the garage. It’s so beautiful and exactly what I have been looking for. You did such a great job on the refinishing. I can’t tell you how much I love it. Thanks again for your help in easing the transport logistics in getting it from Pa to Ky and for providing the crate. It was a pleasure working with you. I read your customer testimonials before I decided to make the final purchase and they reassured me (after talking with you on the phone) that you were honest and that I was going to be very pleased with the cabinet even though I never saw it in person. Beverly Wolfe,  Danville, Kentucky

  •  I’ve been watching your website ever since I received the oak chest of drawers a month or so ago. Your refinishing job is one of the best I have ever seen. I have a couple of dressers I would love to ship to you to have them refinished as well. John Russell,  Burley, Washington 

  • Hi Doug,Just wanted to let you guys know that we love all the work you did. All who have seen the Hoosier cabinet comment on it’s beauty, “The show stopper!” The packing was amazing. Nothing moved & not a scratch!! Thanks so much. Elizabeth Bartl, Frederick, Maryland 

  • Yesterday, I drove 4 hours to visit Doug Schmitt’s Antique business. What a wonderful operation. Doug and his son, Tony, have an inventory of the finest antiques I have seen in one location in over 25 years. They have a shop with a variety of pieces and everything is finished perfectly!When I drove up to Doug’s buildings, I immediately determined that this man is a perfectionist! They do outstanding craftsmanship and he graciously spent over 2 hours showing me a variety of antiques. Doug and Tony were extremely helpful and they will be looking for more specific pieces of office antiques for me.Time is our most valuable asset in life and I certainly don’t regret driving 8 hours round trip to see this shop and meet these gentlemen. Raleigh Kraft, Front Royal, VA 

  • I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the bed, and how in awe I am not only at the size and design, but the superior refinishing that went into it. It’s really a breathtaking piece that far exceeded my expectations! Thank you and your lovely wife for being so pleasant, and for helping to assemble it. It was a GREAT pleasure meeting you both, and I look forward to recommending you, as well as doing business in the future! Very Best Regards, John King, Ocala, FL

  • I purchased a buffet cabinet from you which arrived a few weeks ago. I must say the finishing on the wood you did is fantastic. It looks like new. I have several pieces that I got over the years and nothing comes close to the finish on your cabinet. David Knoke, Iron Mountain, MI